Stress and Anxiety Specialist

Stress and Anxiety Specialist

Stress and Anxiety SpecialistStress and Anxiety Specialist



'I was having many problems with stress and anxiety and Gail through her manner, patience and great expertise helped me to find practical solutions to move forward positively with a new state of mind, helping me deal with the issues that were holding me back. Gail’s technique is fantastic and she is very skilled. Most importantly, she made me feel comfortable at all times. I would highly recommend Gail.'  Monique, London

'Our sessions benefited me more than I thought was possible. When I first started, I was very low in confidence, feeling stressed and was unaware of the opportunities available to me. It is through your excellent skills and mentality that I was able to change so easily in a direction, which seemed to take little effort.'  Claire, Zurich

'I went to see Gail during a period of stress and frustration with my job and general career direction. Gail’s methods and approach gave me an invaluable insight into what was actually important to me and helped me draw positive conclusions on how to move forward and make the relevant changes. Gail instilled the value of commitment and through a variety of tools and weekly tasks gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and explore avenues I’d never previously considered. I couldn’t recommend Gail more highly. Her positive nature and expertise make for a brilliant stress and anxiety specialist.' Tom, London

'You have a gift. I think your approach is fantastic. I love that you say it as it is and that you have a great mix of being sympathetic and also firm, which helps to motivate me.'  Karen, New York

'I was initially sceptical towards reaching out to Dr. Gail but a friend who had a great experience with her encouraged me to get in touch. I'm so pleased I did as simply talking through my situation; both at work and at home, made me see my life with greater perspective and enabled me to detach myself and start rebuilding upon areas of need. Without Gail there to support me, I think I'd have stumbled and not even been able to make any adjustments to my life so I'm very grateful to her. Nathan, Hong Kong 

'I had been feeling low, unfulfilled and lacking in motivation for a long time. A good friend of mine suggested I contact Dr. Gail Sharman. Although I was a bit sceptical and apprehensive at first, on meeting Gail, she immediately put me at ease. She was incredibly patient with me and after several enjoyable sessions with her, I started to feel far more confident in myself, more optimistic in general and able to cope more readily with life's every day stresses. I am enormously grateful to Dr. Gail. Thank you'. Sally, London

'Dr. Gail really helped me at a transitional time in my life. I feel so much happier, calmer and positive. Thank you Dr. Gail.'  Sarah, London

'Dr. Gail is insightful and focused in her approach. I have benefited immeasurably from the sessions both in the short term and long term. I recommend Gail to anyone who wishes to transform their life for the better.'  Penny, Hong Kong

'Dr. Gail really enabled me to thrive in several areas of my life in a far shorter time frame than I imagined. Her consultative and relaxed yet firm approach really made me want to achieve my goals and ultimately enabled me to succeed'. Robert, London

'I was going through a tough time in life with a marriage break up, issues with my teenaged son and was at a crossroads with my career. I really was struggling and not in a good place. A friend urged me to contact Gail and in truth I haven't looked back since. I signed up for one of her longterm packages and have transformed my life around. I can't thank Gail enough for the help, guidance and support she has given me. Thank you!' Emma, London